More 2000 Photos

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WCHSB winter camping home page and chronology features 23 years of winter camping stories, photos, jokes, menus and winter sports!

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Bill's Van

Bill's Van is always full

Bob Bunyan

Bob prepares our firewood

WCHSB Group 2000

The 2000 WCHSB crew!

WCHSB Camp Group 2000

More of the 2000 WCHSB Rams watchers

Jarts and Camping

Jarts were the sport of the year!

More Lawn Jarts

Tom at Jarts with Gene.

Campfire Football

The WCHSB campsite!

Scenic Campsite Sunrise

A Glorious sunrise!

Tom and Mark at Campsite

Tom and Mark

Tim at Jarts

Tim at Jarts

Camping with football. WCHSB 2000

Playoff football is a fine part of a winter campout.

TV Shade for Outdoor Viewing at Campsite

Better TV quality comes from high quality instruments.

  Above are more photos from our year 2000 winter campout.  Click on a photo to view large.  Many thanks to Bill for photography, and Joe for scanning!

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