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WCHSB winter camping home page and chronology features 23 years of winter camping stories, photos, jokes, menus and winter sports!

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Below is a collection of winter camping tips.  Add your tips in the form below.   Try our search page to zero in on specific topics.

Date: 30 Mar 2000
Time: 18:03:54


dress in dry and warm clothes

Date: 02 Mar 2000
Time: 23:03:50


On cold nights, store your water inside your cooler which will be warmer than sub-freezing air and thus keep it from freezing!

Date: 21 Jan 2000
Time: 23:46:30


Don't forget your tent!

Date: 20 Jan 2000
Time: 00:21:18


Dry sox equal warm feet!

Date: 05 Dec 1999
Time: 10:39:34


when at your site store your Nalgenes upside down in the snow. the snow will help insulate your water so it doesn't freeze and if it does at least they will freeze at the bottom of your bottle on freezing on the lid

Any edible items left outside or unsecured at night will likely be eaten, in whole or in part, by some critter!

Keep your feet dry! Bring extra pairs of dry socks and change your socks anytime your feet become damp. Be sure to wear dry socks to sleep--your feet will feel much warmer!

The smaller your tent, typically the warmer the inside will be. Your body heat can warm the interior 20 degrees or more warmer than the outdoor temperature.



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