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WCHSB winter camping home page and chronology features 23 years of winter camping stories, photos, jokes, menus and winter sports!

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1999 was the 22'nd year for the Winter Campers.   It featured the largest object, and coldest beer  ever shot.

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1999 WCHSB - ROLL CALL:  Gene, Joe,  Tom H., Bob, Bill, Mark, Tim

  Tim's Place, Desoto MO
January 16-17, 1999

Artillery Shells - Shot Ice and Orange Cement Soda Cans across the pond!

BUD BLAST - a Budweiser can is fired with disappointing results!!  (we do not believe the cans are designed for this type of activity)-click the link for action photos!.

Fireworks at Night!

Tim and Tom's tent caved in during an early morning wind and rainstorm.

Mark got leaked on (by the rain) and of course had left his rain gear in the car.

Wood splitting contest (including instructions to trainee Tim).  Joe and Bob lead split the wood for a warm night.

Gene came late but brought a picture of his new girl friend--a young blonde haired blue eyed prize with lots of cleavage--this is definitely Gene's big chance!

Snow melted throughout the day and by evening the campsite resembled a swamp.  Slush, slush, slush accompanied every step.

An early morning rain melts much of the remaining snow, forcing many of the vehicles to exit via the alfalfa field to avoid the rice paddy conditions on low ground.

Tim's new Dodge Ram might have been stuck in the water and mud  for a while (depending on how you define stuck!)  Valiant pushing and a few cedar trees provide the needed traction and horsepower for release. 

The campfire had a difficult time of starting due to wet wood, but once started proved one of the better fires.

Aged cigars!

Bratwurst and hot dogs
Breakfast Burritos and ....
Little Debbies, cold nuts, pretzels, and crackers

Add bratwurst to chili for added flavor and a genuinely unique taste!

Mostly Sunny and warm most of the day Saturday, high of about 50 degrees.  Clearing skies at night provided some stargazing opportunities, however early morning showers and strong winds forced the group to shelter following am early break from from camp.

Two men are walking their dogs and as they walk by a restaurant, the culinary aroma ignites their taste buds.
They decide to go inside and try to get seated despite their dogs.
The restaurant manager tells the first man "Sir, I'm sorry, we cannot allow dogs in the restaurant!"
Already prepared and wearing sunglasses the man answers "but this is my seeing eye-dog"
"Oh, I'm so sorry sir, please follow me" replies the manager and the first man goes is seated at the best table in the house.
The manager then tells the second man "Sir, I'm sorry, we cannot allow dogs in the restaurant!"
Also in sunglasses, the second man replies "but this is my seeing eye-dog!"
"Chihuahuas are not seeing eye dogs!" replies the manager.



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Bill and Mark prepare to launch an ice missile. Ice missiles represent the most environmentally friendly projectile one can use.

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This action photo vaguely depicts a projectile in mid flight.
99bobchp.jpg (70291 bytes) Bob splits another log as Mark assists.  Bob and Joe split much of the firewood and provided training to Tim.
99camp.jpg (48717 bytes) Gene, Joe, Tom, Bill and Mark relax around the 1999 campfire.   This fire, while difficult to get started, provided a strong steady warmth all evening!

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The breakfast burritos were another smash hit!
99sheltr.jpg (54684 bytes) Mark, Bob, Joe, Gene, Tom and Bill relax under the shelter.   Morning rains and mists made the shelter an appealing alternative.

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